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Agriturismo Pinzale is located near the small town of Cascina, which is well known throughout Italy for its traditional craft in the production of furniture. The historical city center preserves even today the medieval traces of the town, which has held a strategic position throughout the centuries. As it is located between Pisa and Florence, it has always played an important role in trade and commerce. In Cascina you will find all sorts of shops, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, pharmacies, banks, etc. From the highway, you can easily reach Pisa (13 km) and Florence (64 km). It is around 20 - 30 minutes to the sea, 18 km to Marina di Pisa, and 22 km to Tirrenia. Inland you can visit San Gimignano on a day trip. You can also relax one day in the Casciana Terme spa (15 km).

Location of Agriturismo Pinzale
Nearest Airport Airport Galileo Galilei of Pisa 13 Km
Nearest Highway Pisa Centro 14 Km
Nearest Speedway Cascina 3 Km
Nearest Railway Station Cascina 4 Km
Distance from the sea 18 Km
Nearest Ferry-boat Harbour Livorno 28 Km