Sito in Italiano

Sito in Tedesco

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(numbering from left to right and from top to down)

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1-Aerial view
2-Ext - Lodge
3-Ext - Pizza oven
4-Ext - Lake for fishing
5-Ext - Track bowling
6-Ext - Water well
7-Ext - Garden
8-Int GF - Logo Pinzale
9-Int GF - Salon, dining table
10-Int GF - Conference room, arcade
11-Int 1stF - Hearth
12-Int 1stF - Double room, 2 single beds
13-Int 1stF - Bathroom
14-Int 2ndF - Dining room, arcade
15-Int 2ndF - Hearth
16-Int 2ndF - Double room, 1 double bed
17-Int - Air conditioner in the rooms
18-Ext - Swimming pool.A
19-Ext - Swimming pool.B
20-Ext - Swimming pool.C
21-Ext - Barbecue