Sito in Italiano

Sito in Tedesco


(10 Rooms, 22 Beds)

This house has 3 apartments on 3 floors, which can be occupied either separately, or together, for families or larger groups. From the pool area, you have access to the ground floor. The access for the other 2 apartments is upstairs. The estate has 1500 m˛ with parking, the grassland behind the house, the Boccia track and the pool, where you also find the sunshade.

GROUND FLOOR (2 bedrooms, 5 beds) - On the ground floor, the sleeping area is in the back part of the apartment (2 rooms, 1 triple e 1 double, wich shared bathroom together). There is a big kitchen (80 m˛) and near the laundry. On the first and second floor, you can find the bedrooms and the living room with a kitchen. Most rooms have their own bathroom.

FIRST FLOOR (5 bedrooms, 10 beds) - On the first floor 5 double rooms and 5 bathrooms, 2 with their own ones and 3 with 3 bathrooms beneath.

SECOND FLOOR (3 bedrooms, 7 beds) - On the second floor 3 rooms, 1 triplebed with its own bathroom and 2 double with 1 bathroom beneath. In the winter, the fireplaces on the second and third floor create a nice atmosphere. The floors are partially still covered with the antique, typical Tuscan “terra cotta”.